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At Panen Raya, we take extensive measures to ensure that all of our products are more than just of high quality but also ready-to-use for the existing market.

Consistent Research and Development
We continually perform research to innovatively create new products. We perform this by intensively doing an R&D on product and technology innovations, gathering our existing customers’ ideas and demands, and hence, prototyping new products based on all of these ideas.

Production Using Pure Materials
Stoples Panen Raya are produced using virgin materials only. They are BPA free. As a result, they provide a top quality stoples with very high clarity.

Detailed Quality Checking
Every stoples that we put on the market will be inspected for the following factors:
1. Hygene
2. Clarity
3. Scratches
4. Shape
5. Color
6. Weight
7. And other anomalies

We ensure that every stoples meets its quality standard based on the above factors. Thus, in every point in which these products are made, quality-assurance team will inspect all of the above to make sure that they are aligned with our benchmark. Once they have done with the inspection, each stoples is matched together with its lid. And, another round of quality inspection will be done before they are stored.