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About Us

Founded in 8 July 2000, PT Panen Raya Plasticorp has become a total solution packaging company in its region. Providing global reach but with local taste, PT Panen Raya Plasticorp serves to produce the best quality stoples, provide top customer service, and conduct continual product innovation to meet the escalating needs of food packaging via stoples manufacturing.

PT Panen Raya Plasticorp has a vision to be a prominent entity in food and beverage industry in its region. It started first as a food packaging specifically on stoples manufacturing company. As it continually sees the needs to serve the customer better, PT Panen Raya Plasticorp appointed PT Panen Raya Sinergi in 2006 as the sole distributor of PT Panen Raya Plasticorp stoples products. PT Panen Raya Sinergi was founded to facilitate better and faster customer support via nation wide distribution network, with the implementation of state of the art ERP solution and an integrated customer-first total solution for all plastic packaging needs.

What sets apart Panen Raya is that it is a specialized producer of stoples products with better understanding of the products, market, demand, and local culture.